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Jinmoku and Pusillus

For conceptart COW #325

The Jinmoku is a huge carnivorous creature often found in volcanic regions and is the apex predator, despite the fact that it is completely blind. It instead has a highly developed nose which allows it to function without eyes and when working in tandem with its symibiotic partner the Pusillus the Jinmoku has complete situational awareness.

The Pusillus is a relatively small, frail creature with excellent eyesight that can see well beyond the visual spectrum. Upon pairing with a Jinmoku it permanently begins to live in the creature's nasal cavity. Special "spikes" on the creature's back allow it to excrete specific pheromones in highly controlled bursts. Combined with the Jinmoku's excellent olfactory sense these pheromones are used to communicate to the Jinmoku and provides valuable information about the world around it constantly.